Terms of use of the WOONDER.EU website  


You can read the detailed terms of use for our service below, but we have summarized the essential information for you in the points below. We ask you to take into account that every time you visit the WOONDER.EU website, you acknowledge and accept the following information.


  1. 1. The most important thing is that WOONDER.EU is only for adults, so if you are under 18, please leave our site!
  2. Before use, be sure to read our data-handling policies in detail, as well as our terms of use found here.
  3. You are solely responsible for the content published here. WOONDER.EU is not responsible for any statement that negatively affects society, offends the moral convictions, political or ethnic affiliation of others, and any other act that entails criminal liability.
  4. If you publish content owned by someone else and the owner makes a claim for compensation, you are solely responsible for that. WOONDER.EU completely disassociates itself from these contents, does not control them, and thus assumes no responsibility for them.
  5. After the actions described in points 3 and 4, we will consider the seriousity of your actions, which may result in exclusion from our community.


Legal aspect


The purpose of our website and mobile application, as well as the service available through them, is to provide an interface for people interested in dating. Registered members here have the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange information, photos, videos, chat, and send chat messages.

In today's world, information security is especially important, so we, the owners of WOONDER.EU, pay special attention to this. According to this, you agree to use our website only in accordance with its intended purpose, and to accept the terms of use and data management policy of WOONDER.EU. By accepting them, a legal agreement and contract is created between you, as the user of the service, and between us, as the owners of WOONDER.EU.



Our data is as follows

Owner: WOONDER LTDCompany data

-Headquarters: Office 5 The Round House, Dormans Park Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH19 2EN

-Register number: 13809684

-Tax number: 25354 22275


In the future, every time you visit our website or application, you will be compulsorily accepting our terms of use and data management guidelines. On the other hand, you cannot use our service either as a visitor or as a registered member, so you must leave our site with immediate effect.


  1. The owner of the content on the website and application

Owner of the contents of WOONDER.EU The textual, image, moving image, sound-based and graphic content on our website and application is exclusively the property of WOONDER.EU. The protection of trademark, intellectual and copyright rights in force at all times applies.


Can I use the contents of WOONDER.EU?

Apart from your own contents, no! By using our website and application, you agree that you will not copy or distribute its content on other platforms. In addition, you also accept that if you distribute, copy, or adopt our content to other platforms, you will violate our terms of use. If this happens, we can legally assert our claim for compensation.


After uploading to the WOONDER.EU interface, who is the owner of the given content?


You own the content, provided that you are the original owner and can prove it.

By publishing the content, you accept and declare the following:


  1. If you are not the original owner of the content, you have received permission or consent to upload it, which allows you to upload, publish, and use it. You can prove this in the event of a possible legal dispute.
  2. In the event that you have exclusive rights in connection with the uploaded content, you declare and agree that you waive all your rights related to it.



In relation to uploading and using content on the WOONDER.EU website and the related application, you declare that you have all the rights to do so. Furthermore, you also declare and accept that you give us permission to use the given content at all times and completely royalty-free, which is valid in all countries of the world. We may publish and modify content in any form, including:






-editing-full or partial conversion

-incorporation into other works

-creation of derivative works using the content

-communication to the public in this way


Furthermore, your approval is not necessary to entitle the above licenses to the legal successors of our company or to our other companies.


In relation to content of questionable origin, in the event of a legal dispute settlement, WOONDER.EU is entitled to disclose your data to the original owner of the content or its legal representative, if you have misused the intellectual property rights of the author of the content or violated other rights.




  1. Terms of use of our website and application


Who is entitled to use WOONDER.EU?

You can only use our application or website if you have reached the age of majority in your country, and the use of our application or website is not prohibited by the laws in force in your country.

In most countries, the age of majority is 18 years, as in Hungary, but in some countries it can be 21 years. It is solely your responsibility to find out about the laws and comply with them.


I have registered on the site. Who can see my data and the content I publish?

By default, everyone can see your data and all the content you publish on the WOONDER.EU site and application. However, you have the option to manually place some of your data and uploaded content in a private section, as well as restrict access to certain people.


If you do not want people to know anything about you, do not register on our website or upload content about yourself. It is important that you do not share bank card details, your identity card details and other confidential information with anyone. If you act contrary to this, it is solely your responsibility, and you are also responsible for the damage caused.


We can remove your content uploaded to WOONDER.EU at any time, and we are not obliged to display it. We do not check the authenticity of your content, you are responsible for its accuracy.


Can I see or use other people's data?

In short: NO. Longer: for example, you cannot use other people's data for e-mail harassment, for activities other than legal behavior, for commercial purposes or for future profit. You can only use them in connection with the assessment of your needs, in accordance with the successful choice of a future partner. So only for dating activities, for your own purposes.


What types of content can I publish on the WOONDER.EU website and application?

You can upload content to our application and website at your own discretion. These can include text, image and video content. However, the content in the list below is an exception. If you still decide to post similar things in your profile, in that case we reserve the right to limit your activity, block your profile later, and in the last case, delete it.


1. you may not publish content that violates the intellectual and property rights of others

2. spam or junk mail, commercial advertising

3. text or image content linked to a person who did not consent to its publication

4. images that depict children or that endanger minors

5. malicious viruses, spyware, or links to them that endanger the financial and moral security of others

 6. images, videos, text, audio that call for or encourage illegal activity

7. pornographic content 8. obscene expression that can be offensive or infuriating to your fellow human beings


  1. Access to WOONDER.EU


Operation and maintenance operations of the website and the application

24 hours a day, we strive to ensure that our users enjoy the services provided by our dating service in the highest possible quality. However, many external and internal factors affect the operation of our system, so we cannot guarantee continuous access and constant quality.

Possible server failures, which are provided by an external service provider, or system maintenance required at certain intervals may cause a temporary shutdown. Our security people also defend against hacker attacks, but not everything can be protected. Unfortunately, a load attack or hacking can also cause the system to stop.

In light of these, we reserve the right to suspend the operation of our application and website at any time, and you accept these by using the site.


  1. Our premium, chargeable services

Range of available services

Our dating service is available in both free and premium versions. Those who want to contribute to making dating faster with extra functions can use the premium service. Thanks to this, the system ranks them higher in the given categories, or they appear as a featured profile on our site, but you also have the option of blocking ads, and you can even find out who is interested in your profile. Other services can also be used, more information about them can be found on the respective page before purchasing the function.


How can I buy my premium membership or how can I renew it?

First of all, you have to register a profile in our system, where you enter your name, e-mail address, place of residence and which gender you are interested in. As soon as you are ready with this, you can choose from several payments and several time periods on our premium interface, but you can also buy so-called tokens, which you can redeem for specific premium functions.


If you have changed your mind or are dissatisfied with our service, you can request a refund of your subscription within 14 days. After 14 days, we are no longer able to refund the price of your subscription.


Can more than one person use the same profile, or can I transfer my premium subscription to someone else?

You can only use your profile alone, and you must ensure that no one else has access to it. You cannot transfer your premium membership to someone else, if you have subscribed, you must also use the service. Otherwise, WOONDER.EU reserves the right to suspend the subscription.


  1. I  got tired of the subscription, can I cancel it?


 You can cancel either the free registration or the premium membership at any time. You can simply cancel the premium membership by clicking on the cancel premium membership button in your profile. You can also delete your user profile in your personal profile in the delete profile menu.

If you do change your mind, you can restore your WOONDER.EU profile for 30 days, so that the content you uploaded there will not be lost. After 30 days, we will permanently delete your profile and all content related to you, except for your public comments and content. In this regard, we reserve the right to display it on our website and in our application in the future. If you change your mind, you can restore your WOONDER.EU profile for 30 days, so that your uploaded content will not be lost. After 30 days, we will permanently delete your profile and all content related to you, except for your public comments and content. In this regard, we reserve the right to display it on our website and in our application in the future.


  1. I have an observation/complaint/I see abuse/ misuse on the website.


If you experience any errors in the operation of our system, or if you have any questions for us, or if you think that the activities of a particular user have a negative impact on the community, or if your data is misused, please let us know! You can do this at our contact points at info@WOONDER.eu or through our contact form.


  1. Content/links published by WOONDER.EU


We put our own content and links on our website and application for two reasons. One reason is information, and the other is advertising.


Independent links and links in the content may point to or present a 3rd party website. These websites have their own terms of use and data management policy, which we have no insight into, as well as the content displayed there. Navigating from WOONDER.EU through the links published there is your responsibility, and you are solely responsible for any damages.



  1. Responsible behavior on our website and application


If you have offended or threatened someone and they sue you


As we have already written above, you are solely responsible for the content, sent messages and all actions on our website and application, and you bear the consequences. WOONDER.EU does not control the uploaded content, and cannot be held responsible for any legal procedures resulting from them.


If someone sues WOONDER.EU because of your behavior

In this case we will do everything we can with our lawyers and legal representatives to protect our business and prove our truth in court. We can file a claim for compensation for these costs.

The claim for compensation may apply to lawyer's fees, other costs and expenses of the lawsuit, third-party claims, moral and material damage and loss suffered by us. This claim for compensation may arise as a result of the fact that you did not behave in accordance with our terms of use on our website or application, uploaded content or sent messages to others that violated the rights and honor of the other party.

In case of damage settlement, plea bargain, possible out-of-court settlement, we reserve the right to make a decision without your prior request and consent, to settle all costs and claims of the court case.


9. Liability of WOONDER.EU


We accept the following liability

 - in all cases where liability cannot be excluded or limited by law

- personal injury or death caused by negligence, which is proven

 - intentional deception or fraud of the other party


In the following, we fully exclude our liability as permitted by law

 - theft or unauthorized access

 - force majeure related to WOONDER.EU

 - loss of income, profits, savings, property damage, termination of contracts

 - third party claims

 - breach of contract

- lost work time

- data loss and resulting damages

- sending and receiving viruses, trojan programs, other infectious software that can destroy or infect your communication equipment, computer, mobile device and the files and data on them

 - warranty, guarantee, interpretation and all conditions that the customary law or otherwise premeditated or negligent actions defined by the legislation

 -premeditated or negligent actions resulting in damage, claims, claims for compensation and their additional costs


WOONDER.EU's liability towards you, and for behavior different from the terms of use and the resulting compensation, can reach a maximum amount of HUF 10,000.


  1. Data management statement

Be sure to read our Data Management Information before using our website or application. We do everything we can to protect your data, we try to handle it as safely as possible. By accepting the terms of use, you also agree to the conditions described in the data management statement. In addition, you guarantee that your data is not misleading and fully corresponds to reality.


  1. About our company

The operator and owner of the WOONDER.EU website and application is none other than WOONDER LTD, registered in England. Our company details:

-Headquarters: Office 5 The Round House, Dormans Park Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH19 2EN

-Register number: 13809684

-Tax number: 25354 22275


Our contact information: info@WOONDER.eu


  1. Time of entry into force of the terms of use

Effective date: 09.12.2022.

Last update: 09.12.2022.


  1. Clause

-WOONDER.EU's terms of use and data management statement are to be interpreted according to Hungarian law.

-WOONDER.EU reserves the right to modify its terms of use and data management statement at any time. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly. The date of the latest updates and modifications is regularly announced in point 12.

- In the event that you do not accept the changes made by us in the terms of use and data management declarations, you may no longer use our service, you must delete yourself from our website and application. If you continue to use our service, the terms of use and the data management declaration will automatically apply to you.

-The agreement between WOONDER.EU and you is guaranteed by the terms of use. It supersedes any previous agreement, either oral or written.

-No failure by us means the cancellation or suspension of the terms of use described here.

- None of the points described in the terms of use transfer the rights of the terms to a third party. The third party rights agreements of 1999 do not apply to the terms of use.